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Chef de Cuisine Chin Hing Kuen with our signature tea-smoked duck. Photo courtesy of The New York Times.
DEBORAH BALDWIN of the 'Dining & Wine' section writes:

Chin Chin is so chichi it calls itself a "restaurant chinois." You can take some of the starch out of the experience by ordering in. Clams in ginger broth ($5), tea-smoked duck ($17.50) and scallops Mandolay ($18) - 14 fat scallops pan-fried and sauced with ginger, sweet peppers and mushrooms - traveled nearly 14 blocks within 30 minutes, as promised, and stayed close to steaming. With its one-page delivery menu (what, no General Tso?) it's a place for something grander than egg rolls and wonton soup. (Delivered Pies and More in Midtown, March 2, 2005)

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Photo courtesy of The New York Post.

ChinChin, the classy Chinese restaurant on East 49th. The main man, Jimmy Chin, says to an old-friend diner: "Vuss machts du?" A nearby patron looks up from devouring his dumplings to ask: "How come you can say, 'How are you?' in perfect Yiddish?" Reaching into his shirt, Chin pulls out a Jewish medal. "I'm a Chinese Jew," he says.
Only in New York, kids, only in New York. (August 26, 2004)
Photo courtesy of The New York Post. ...SINCE I have never had even a free drink, let alone a meal at the East 49th Street restaurant Chin Chin, let me unequivocally say that their Grand Marnier shrimp is one of New York's grandest and most surprising dishes. Go try it! And note all the good-looking "with-it" patrons as well as those big tough guys there at night entertaining their daughters. It's an amazing restaurant, just off Third Avenue near Smith & Wollensky. (July 26, 2001)

Awards & Honors:
  • NEW YORK PRESS - Best Uptown Chinese Restaurant
  • Eating and Drinking Awards from TIME OUT NEW YORK - finalist for best Chinese
  • Gayot's - honors Chin Chin
  • VILLAGE VOICE - winner! best of New York Peking Duck with photos
  • 2004 ZAGAT'S - top 30 gracious hosts: JIMMY CHIN
  • 2005 ZAGAT'S - top 10 gracious hosts: JIMMY CHIN
2006 Zagat Survey:
"The crowd always looks happy" at this longtime "gourmet" Midtown Chinese where "familiar" dishes manage to seem "fresh and different" thanks to their "beautiful preparation"; "superior" service further justifies the "high-end" price tag.

2004 Zagat Survey:
Waiters bearing platters of "tremendously toothsome" dishes (including "fab Grand Marnier shrimp") "treat you like an emperor" at this "upscale", "unpretentious" Midtown Chinese; for such "gourmet" experiences, expect to "take it on the chin" when the bill comes.
2005 Zagat Survey:
"Classic" and "civilized", this "designer" Midtown Chinese "never fails", offering a "top-flight" menu highlighted by its "one-of-a-kind Grand Marnier shrimp"; if pricing is similarly "top-shelf", most feel "you get a lot" in return.

2003 Zagat Survey:
Led by the "unforgettable Grand Marnier shrimp", this attractive East Midtown "haute Chinese" emporium boasts a delightful "modern" menu of "gourmet" preparations; it may be a little pricey, but you won't think so if you let "marvelous" host Jimmy Chin "take care of the ordering".