Who is behind Immediate Bitcoin?

Can you imagine working with information that makes it easier for you to trade cryptocurrencies? That tell you the market development ahead and that help you to earn good money when trading?

If this doesn’t sound impossible to you and if you like to have help based on advanced technology and modern algorithms, then we can definitely recommend the Immediate Bitcoin trading bot. Because with this modern software you can better assess the market for your trade and use it for your benefit.

We would like to explain to you in detail how this works in our test report. We want to give you a detailed insight into this trading software and show you exactly how you can profit from it as an investor and trader. Although this software Immediate Bitcoin has not been on the market for long, it has already attracted a lot of attention and is used worldwide. Why shouldn’t you benefit from the profits too?

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What is Immediate Bitcoin?

If you trade in securities, binary options, forex or even cryptocurrencies, then it’s good to use trading software that makes trading easier for you. A software that recognises and analyses current trends on the investment market and provides you with accurate forecasts. Immediate Bitcoin is such a software. It analyses the market and helps you make quick decisions about your trading. This increases your chance of making good profits.

Features and functionality

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Who is behind Immediate Bitcoin?

According to official information, Immediate Bitcoin was developed by John Meyers. He himself is an experienced investor and financial expert around the crypto market and therefore has extensive experience for trading and recognising important trading signals. In order to be able to design his software optimally, Meyers worked together with many brokers and big names from the IT industry at an early stage in order to launch a programme that works with advanced algorithms and can also quickly analyse and evaluate the collected data. This is why Immediate Bitcoin has become so successful.

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Investors‘ opinions about Immediate Bitcoin

Many investors are critical of trading software that is automated. But those who trust Immediate Bitcoin and use the software will quickly realise that it is safe and performs well. These are definitely the experiences that many investors report. Even those who were hesitant beforehand and were afraid that the software would not work are usually surprised by the positive experiences. After all, it only takes a few minutes a day to be able to work with this software and earn a passive income.

Advantages and disadvantages


– various functions make it possible to work smoothly with Immediate Bitcoin
– the trading signals are clearly communicated and displayed
– advanced data analysis helps to collect and use different financial resources
– different brokers work together with Immediate Bitcoin, so that also many different data from this area are collected together


The actual team behind Immediate Bitcoin is only known to a limited extent. Exact names are not communicated. But this has no influence on the performance of the programme. The important thing is that everything works well. A figurehead is rarely necessary to transport good quality to the outside world.


In the course of our test we found no reasons why Immediate Bitcoin should not be legitimate. It was developed specifically to offer investors in the market the opportunity to trade successfully with cryptocurrencies. If you haven’t tried Immediate Bitcoin yet, you should definitely do so.

How does Immediate Bitcoin compare to other trading bots?

Immediate Bitcoin is structured a little differently than other trading bots, so the way it works is a little different. However, this makes no difference to the profit forecasts that are achieved with it. We can therefore definitely recommend this trading software.