A Loto on Ethereum… where you can’t lose – PoolTogether is modernizing itself: Who’s next?

The Perfect Lotto Comes To You – We told you about PoolTogether’s excellent no-loser lottery system , which gives participants a chance to win the jackpot on Ethereum, without even risking losing their stake. The project has just entered its version 3, with notably bigger gains and more decentralization – a theme dear to the cryptosphere .

Nothing to lose, everything to gain?

The young PoolTogether protocol , on the Ethereum network (ETH), has already distributed a total of $ 34,000 in rewards to the winners of its lottery. The latter already brings together 12,000 users across the planet, without any of these participants losing a cent.

Let’s quickly summarize the principle of this lottery unlike any other: the winnings come from the interest rates reported by the sums involved between 2 draws, thanks to the decentralized finance (DeFi) of Compound .

PoolTogether has just announced the launch of its V3 on Twitter. With it come many new things .

Win more without betting more

One of the most notable new features is the possibility of winning bigger wins . The new protocol makes it possible to connect the pot to several sources of yield and to take advantage of the famous yield farming .

Another very significant plus: those who do not win the jackpot are rewarded with new additional participation tickets . These therefore increase the chances of winning , but can also be withdrawn from the underlying asset, like any ticket obtained from bet cryptos.

Loterie Pool Together

To draw the winners, PoolTogether also announces that it is now using Chainlink VRF . It is a system of verifiable random functions on blockchain, proposed by the Chainlink project (LINK). It ensures the reality of chance to designate those who win the winnings.

This allows to increase the decentralization in the PoolTogether protocol, because before this V3, the draw worked thanks to a centralized random number generator .