IOTA starts new partnership for smart city projects in South Korea

The IOTA Foundation wants to enter into a strategic partnership for Smart City projects together with Tanglehub and the Observer Foundation from South Korea.

The IOTA Foundation, together with Golden Profit and the South Korean Observer Foundation, is planning to participate in smart city projects and has agreed a partnership for this purpose. IOTA announced this in a blog post on January 22nd .

IoT weather data for smart city projects

The Observer Foundation brings expertise in the evaluation of weather data provided by connected devices in the Internet of Things ( IoT ) such as mini weather stations, smartphones or vehicles. Their participation in the system is currently rewarded via the Observer Foundation’s observer token (OBSR).

IOTA has been working with Tanglehub for a long time. The start-up from the Netherlands, funded by IOTA, has specialized in the implementation of IOTA in the IoT, but has so far mainly been active within Europe.

According to IOTA program director Holger Köther, IOTA’s Tangle network is to be implemented in end devices evaluated by the Observer Foundation with the help of Tanglehub . The first tests have already started.

The Observer Foundation CEO Tae IL Cho believes that IOTA’s approach is particularly promising in the smart city area: “IOTA has a wide range of applications in order to cover a large number of smart city-relevant use cases with a single protocol”. As part of this partnership, both companies want to “support the design and implementation of a service-oriented ecosystem by developing innovative services for the use of DID services (Distributed ID) such as objects, data and contracts as well as new services, the DLT / blockchain – Link and use services (identity verification, logistics, payment) that have been set up by the Blockchain Free Regulatory Zone Project. “

Partnerships for further dissemination

IOTA is involved with numerous partnerships for the practical application of its Tangle technology, especially in the IoT area. These include, for example, collaborations with the EU’s climate research association EIT Climate-KIC , with the blockchain and IoT research laboratory at the Vienna University of Technology and with the Japanese government .